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Venus Freeze™ is one of the best non-surgical treatments available. Treatments with the Venus Freeze™ are viewed as alternatives to liposuction by using radiofrequency (RF) energy to melt away the stubborn fat within your body and noticeably reduce cellulite.

Most patients will need multiple treatments, and each individual treatment session can typically be completed in under an hour. Unlike liposuction, Venus Freeze™ is designed to minimize bruising and downtime because it uses multipolar RF energy to target your stubborn fat.

To maximize your results, this treatment also uses magnetic pulsed fields, which means you get the benefits of both technologies from each individual treatment session. The main advantages of this procedure are wrinkle reduction, tighter skin and fat reduction.

During the treatment, RF energy is used to create a thermal reaction within your skin, and the heat from the RF energy stimulates your body’s natural healing response. This regenerative response promotes the formation of new collagen and leaves your skin feeling firmer and tighter. The RF energy is also effective for stimulating increased elastin production, and as the collagen within your skin contracts from the heat, your skin will gain better elasticity and firmness.

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